Readers ask: What Carburetor Is In Stihl Ms211c?

What CC is a Stihl MS211C?

Stihl MS211C-BE 35.2cc Petrol Chain Saw With ErgoStart.

What does LA mean on a Stihl carburetor?

Adjusting the L screw clockwise can cause the chain to engage while the saw is idling. Adjusting the H screw clockwise increases the maximum speed of the engine and can cause damage to your saw’s engine if its operating capacity is exceeded.

What does HL and La mean on a Stihl chainsaw?

One marked “H”, for high speed, one marked “L”, for low speed and one marked “LA”, which is your low speed air adjustment for idle.

What does Ergo start mean?

The innovative STIHL ErgoStart makes starting STIHL power tools easy and straightforward, without requiring a lot of effort. The secret is an additional spring between the crankshaft and the starter rope rotor. STIHL power tools with STIHL ErgoStart are indicated by the letter “E” in the model name.

What is the fuel mixture for a Stihl chainsaw?

All STIHL gasoline-powered equipment runs on a 50:1 mixture of gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil. Knowing the proper way to mix your fuel is the first step in keeping it running strong and long. Before mixing, read your product instruction manual for additional information on fueling and fuel mixtures.

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What is the H and L on a carburetor?

They are typically labeled L (low speed jet), H (high speed jet), and I (idler jet).

What is a Stihl 026 worth?

The 026 sells between $150 and $350 depending on condition.

What does LA stand for on carburetor?

Look for the carburetor adjustment screws either near the air filter or under the spark plug. There are three of them, marked “H,” “L” and “I” or “LA,” depending on the model. They are the high-speed, low-speed and idle adjustments respectively.

Why does my chainsaw bogs down at full throttle?

If your chainsaw is bogging down when you give it throttle, this is often a sign of improper gas-to-oil ratio. If there is too much gasoline in relation to the amount of oil used, this is known as a “rich mixture” and can cause the chainsaw to run poorly.

Why does my chainsaw dies when I give it gas?

Because your chainsaw will idle, but dies when it is revved up to full power, it means that the filter is only partially clogged; it will allow enough fuel to the engine to run on idle, but not enough to sustain full throttle. If the filter becomes clogged, not enough fuel will reach the engine for it to run properly.

Does Stihl use Walbro carburetors?

Stihl 024 Complete Carburetor. This is an original Walbro carburetor that fits Stihl 024 chainsaws. OEM No. WT-194-1.

Does Stihl use Walbro?

As far as carbs, Stihl doesn’t make them Walbro does. As far as buying them,fine from a dealer if you like paying 50 percent more than other places.

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