Quick Answer: Where Are The Numbers On A Zenith Carburetor?

Where do you find the carburetor number?

The list number is stamped on your carburetor, either on the corner of the airhorn or choke tower or, if it doesn’t have an airhorn, on the mainbody. Remove the carburetor from your vehicle before looking for the list number to easily find the information you need.

How do you adjust a Zenith carburetor?

With the engine running, set the idle so the mixture can be adjusted. Turn the mixture screw in (clockwise) until the engine starts to stumble. Once this happens, turn the mixture screw out (counter clockwise) until you reach max RPM. Set the ignition timing and re-adjust the idle.

Where is the model number on a Marvel Schebler carburetor?

The carburetor model number is located on the outside carburetor body. According to the Carburetor Doctor, the model number is located on a round riveted tag or cast as part of the carburetor body.

Who makes Zenith carburetors?

Zenith Carburetor (later the Fuel Devices Division of Bendix Corporation ) was an American manufacturer of gasoline engine management systems and components, chiefly carburetors and filters. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1911 as a subsidiary of the French Société du carburateur Zénith.

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How do I know what size carburetor I have?

The formula for calculating how much CFM (cubic feet per minute) your engine requires is: CFM = Cubic Inches x RPM x Volumetric Efficiency ÷ 3456. Any ordinary stock engine will have a volumetric efficiency of about 80%.

How do you adjust a zenith Bendix carburetor?

Initial settings for the carburetor are as follows. Open the idle adjustment needle one full turn open or out from fully closed. This needle is on top of the carburetor closest to the engine. Now, adjust the main jet or high speed adjustment out approximately four full turns open or out.

How does a Zenith carburetor work?

The Zenith carburetor, which was used on the Model A, is an updraft. The float chamber of the carburetor stores a small amount of gasoline, which is gravity-fed from the Model A fuel tank. The higher air pressure in the float chamber then forces gasoline through the jets into the Venturi.

How do I identify my Zenith carb series?

How to identify your zenith carburetor model. Zenith carburetors built from 1932 to about 1980 have a round aluminum or brass tag about the size of a dime riveted to the top of the carburetor. The inside number is the Zenith assembly number and the outer one is the OEM number.

What do carburetor numbers mean?

Weber model numbers are always stamped on the carburetor body. They always begin with a 2-digit number (or a pair of 2-digit numbers separated by a slash) followed by three or four letters. The model number prefix is a 2-digit number that refers to the diameter of the throttle plate(s) in millimeters.

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How do I know what Rochester carb I have?

All Rochester carburetors, including the Quadrajet, are identified by a 7-digit or 8-digit part number; the earliest units, made before mid-1968, had a round metal tag attached to the fuel bowl. The 7-digit part number ran around the outside edge of the tag.

Are Zenith carburetors still made?

Today, the company is known as Zenith Fuel Systems LLC, with headquarters and a modern manufacturing facility in Bristol, Virginia and still offers original manufacturing equipment and replacement carburetors and kits.

How do Stromberg carbs work?

Zenith-Stromberg carbs operate on the constant depression principle. While “modern” SU carburetors rely on carefully and expensively machined parts to produce a moveable vacuum seal at the top of their pistons, Zenith-Strombergs use a thin flexible diaphragm to effect this seal.

Who makes SU carbs?

Welcome to Burlen Ltd, home of vintage and classic vehicle fuel systems. Over the years Burlen has become renowned for its role in manufacturing, restoring and re-introducing a number of famous classic vehicle fuel systems and associated spares including SU, Amal, Zenith, Stromberg and Solex.

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