Quick Answer: What Size Bolt On Civic Carburetor Housing?

What size bolts does Honda use?

A bolt’s tensile strength is also referred to as its “grade,” and is something you should be very concerned with when replacing hardware on your Honda. Most Honda hardware is comparable to metric grade 10.9 or higher. Steps To Knowing Your Bolts: When determining bolt sizes, look to the numbers.

What thread pitch are Honda bolts?

Registered. They’re all 1.5 thread pitch except some more specialized bolts that are 1.25.

Does Honda use SAE or metric?

Registered. All fasteners on almost all modern cars are metric. Yours are all metric, Honda has always been metric.

What are Honda bolts made of?

Dress Up Bolts fasteners (bolts, nuts, and washers) are professional race grade hardware with show car style. Made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium, they provide exceptional high tensile strength, are corrosion resistant, all while being ultra lightweight.

What thread pitch is a Honda Civic?

Forged from ultra-strong 7075 aluminum, Skunk2’s Hard Anodized Series Lug Nuts would fit most applications that utilize the M12 x 1.50 thread pitch i.e. Honda and Acura.

Do Japanese cars use metric?

From my experience, all Japanese, Korean and German brands are metric. All U.S. brands I’ve worked on have been SAE. Most “true” American brands are SAE but the fact that American car manufacturers have teamed with non American builders for so many models, they too are metric.

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What is a metric wrench set?

Metric: A metric wrench will work with nuts and bolts that have a metric measurement. A small metric wrench would measure about 8 mm, while a large one would be about 20 mm.

Are Indian Motorcycles metric or standard?

Indians are metric so you should be good to go.

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