Quick Answer: How To Tune A Carter Afb Carburetor?

How do you tune a carter carburetor BBD?

How to Adjust a Carter 2BBL Carburetor

  1. Start the vehicle and apply the parking brake. Spray starting fluid around the base of the carburetor and intake manifold.
  2. Adjust the accelerator pump linkage.
  3. Adjust the metering rods.
  4. Adjust the fast idle.
  5. Adjust the choke unloader.
  6. Adjust the dashpot.

What does AFB stand for on a Carter carburetor?

In 1957, Carter started marketing the AFB series carburetor, and it quickly became a widely accepted standard for the automotive industry from the late Fifties into the late Sixties. AFB stands for “aluminum four barrel ” and this carburetor was used as original equipment on many OE performance engine options.

Is Carter carburetor still in business?

Carter Carburetor Company in St. Louis, Missouri, was established in 1909, and ceased operation in 1985. It was founded by William Carter, who started experimenting with automotive carburetors while running a successful bicycle shop.

How does a Carter YF carburetor work?

YF-series carburetors employ manual and vacuum control of the metering rod and accelerator pump. The carburetor controls and vaporizes the fuel through five separate circuits: float circuit, lowspeed circuit, high-speed circuit, choke circuit, and accelerating-pump circuit.

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How do you adjust Carter BBD?

How to Adjust a Carter BBD 2 Barrel

  1. Idle Mixture Screws. Turn the engine on and allow it to idle.
  2. Float Level. Remove the screws that secure the top of the carburetor to the body of the carburetor with a screwdriver.
  3. Dashpot (Manual Transmission Vehicles Only) Adjust the idle mixture screws as described in Section 1.

How do I adjust a single barrel carburetor?

For a one barrel carburetor, turn the screw in slowly until the engine just starts to falter, then back it out 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn.

When the choke is on is it open or closed?

When the choke butterfly is allowing the most air flow, without restriction, it is open. Like a door. Open lets things through. when the choke is restricting the flow of air, it is closed.

How do I know if my electric choke is working?

Check from red plug to ground to be sure you have power first. Your photo shows the choke in it’s cold or closed position. When you work the throttle the fast idle cam (other side of the carb) should rotate into the fast idle position. Turn the ignition on and wait a minute..now work the throttle again.

How many CFM is a Carter AFB?

The cfm of the Carter WCFB four-barrel carburetor is approximately 400. The Carter WCFB carburetors have a square-ish body with a rectangular air horn that protrudes above the air cleaner flange.

How do you check a Carter carburetor?

The Carter AFB carburetors are roll stamped with an identification marking at the right front base of the carburetor’s mounting ear. The top line of the roll stamp identification has the carburetor identification number.

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