Quick Answer: How To Run Fuel Line On A 33mm Making Carburetor?

What fuel line goes to the carburetor?

The (clear) main fuel line with the filter (filter inside the fuel tank) goes to the bottom of the carburetor (or the elbow shaped nipple). The (clear) fuel intake line runs from the top of the carburetor (straight nipple) and goes to the short post on the back of the primer bulb.

Where does the fuel line go on a Mikuni carburetor?

Re: Mikuni 44mm carb, where do the lines go? Fuel in goes on top of round pump stack.

Where does the fuel return line go?

Some fuel return hoses will run along the frame of the vehicle and go straight to the fuel tank with little as possible bends. Other fuel return lines have many bends and may be longer than normal. This helps the fuel cool down prior to entering the fuel tank.

Why do Weedeaters have 2 fuel lines?

The supply lines need to connect to the fuel tank so that, when the weed eater is held in the operating position, they are below the fuel level. The vent and return lines will typically attach higher up. The lower line on the carburetor should be the supply line, the upper one would be above fuel to vent air.

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Which fuel line is the return line?

The vapour-return line normally runs from the fuel pump or the fuel filter to the fuel tank. This vapour-return line is connected to a special outlet in the fuel pump. Any vapour that forms in the fuel pump returns to the fuel tank through this line.

What are the two hoses on a carburetor?

The two hoses circled in red are vent/over flow hoses. Should not have any plugs in them. They basically both route between the two carbs, hanging down. Each carb has a vacuum nipple.

How do you seal threaded fuel lines?

Liquid or paste type sealant won’t clog. For gasoline, regular old gasoline resistant Aviation Form-a-gasket Number 3 is the best option. Another product also offered by Permatex is the High Temperature Thread Sealant.

Does a carbureted engine need a fuel return line?

Truth be told, many carbureted engines run just fine with a deadhead-style fuel system. In contrast, a bypass regulator bleeds off excess fuel pressure, dumps it into a return line, and re-circulates the fuel back into the tank.

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