Question: How To Tune A Carburetor On A Baja 5b?

How can I make my Baja 5b faster?

The Best mod to go faster is changing the stock exhaust muffler for a tuned pipe.. DDM, TGN and Jetpro all make pipes that are great for top end.. I have the HPI tuned pipe and get decent top end I am in the low to mid 40’s with a modded 29cc. the stock engine will go a bit faster..

How do you clean a Baja 5b?


  1. Remove electronics and bulky parts.
  2. Seal exhaust and air filter port.
  3. Soak buggy in degreaser and clean the previously removed parts.
  4. Wash the buggy with either a pressure washer or a garden hose.
  5. Dry the buggy with an air compressor and heat gun/hair dryer.
  6. Done!

How fast is a HPI Baja 5B?

With a mighty 23cc 2-stroke engine powering the huge, rear-wheel drive Baja 5B buggy, you can easily hit speeds over 30mph! The Baja 5B is fitted with externally adjustable VVC/HD shock absorbers on all four corners and a super-tough, high torque large scale metal gear steering servo.

Does HPI still make the Baja?

The HPI Baja is the ONLY large-scale buggy line-up that has all of these great features! Still a unique item among the large-scale racing crowd, the Baja 5B 2.0 continues to use the unique Baja monocoque aluminium chassis.

How fast is the Rovan Baja?

This buggy is Huge at 38 inches long! Can reach speeds of 50+ mph right out of the box. Now with Very powerful 36cc 4 bolt Head motor!

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